When Navigator Met Tekir

A Canada-Finland Strategic Partnership – Cold winters, ice hockey and a love of craft breweries are now not the only commonalities between Canada and Finland.

This year, Tekir Oy embarked on an exciting, strategic partnership with my firm, Navigator, by welcoming both myself and another colleague in a joint strategic exchange. We currently have the privilege of welcoming one of Tekir’s stellar consultants to our Toronto office, so it is with humble excitement that I hope to fill her shoes here in Helsinki.

There is a lot we can learn from each other, yet, at first glance, I notice more similarities than differences.
We are both communication firms whose initial business began in the field of crisis and issue management. While this remains a central pillar of our business, both Tekir and Navigator have expanded to an array of other work: media training, reputation and brand development, public affairs, digital communications and government relations.

Secondly, both our firms are based on the principle of selling smart, cogent strategy. We are fast, nimble, well-connected and unafraid to think out of the box and push boundaries. Together, I am confident that we’ll utilize and take advantage of our joint experiences and expertise to better serve our clients.

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, we work hard and we play hard too. Both Tekir and Navigator have recognized that our most essential product is our people. With all the hours we dedicate to client work, we also place a primacy on having a good time. We are both grounded by the belief that an engaged, happy colleague is a smarter and better one.

I’m just starting to get into the swing of things at Tekir, but I’ve already gleaned incredible insight into this incredible company. We are seemingly a world away from one another, yet so very similar in a multitude of ways that, collectively, places us a step ahead of any other communication firm in Canada and Finland.

I look forward to my time at Tekir with ambitious excitement – to garner new experiences, share information and expertise and build an enduring, strategic partnership between Navigator and Tekir; ultimately, providing our clients with the toughest, smartest and very best communication consultants in the business.

Andrew Galloro
Senior Consultant / Navigator