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Tekir is an independent and rapidly growing strategic communications and public affairs firm. We are the go-to partner in Finland for demanding and delicate communications, PR, and public affairs.

We bring peace of mind and help our clients sort chaos, build trust, and strengthen their reputation. Our core value is brutal honesty; we do not tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear.

We help you predict what’s next, to utilize opportunities and to prepare for the worst.


Our strength lies in demanding reputation management. We help you implement proactive approaches to quickly react to leaks, lawsuits, market speculation or unfavorable reports. Your communications and top management will be supported before, during and after the crisis by the best crisis communication office in Finland.


We are on top of earned, paid and owned media environments. Whether you aim to further your business objectives or other organizational goals, we have a way to raise the visibility needed.


We develop compelling narratives to support your investment stories. From business transformation to corporate positioning, whether mergers, acquisitions, IPOs or others, we provide both the advice and implementation required to help you, and further develop your daily IR work as well.


Both our bespoke media training as well as crisis media response training let you test your media response capability in a controlled setting. No matter how tight your schedule is, you will gain stage confidence, and learn new perspectives for perfectly pitched responses.


We provide you with political situation analyses, public affairs strategies, and support in stakeholder engagement. Counselling built around data and insight from various sectors enables you to enter the public discussion credibly.


When you join up the dots between business objectives, organizational values and internal culture, your business grows from the inside out. We help you harness organizational communications as a strategic asset.


Strategic communications

Our strategy work is always founded on our deep business expertise. We create effective communication strategies that truly further your business objectives both internally and externally.

Marketing communications

Tekir Kuhina gives you a strategic point of view on content creation, social media, public affairs campaigning and paid advertising. The team shows you customer journeys across multiple touchpoints via measurable multichannel marketing.

We solve problems, seek out opportunities, and help you join conversations. We make sure that your voice is heard.

Political radar

Our Political Radar follows the political and social events, and enters them into a monthly calendar for you.

Graphic design

We combine in-depth business insight, strategic branding and professional graphic design.

Annual reports

We help you put your business into comprehensive and high-quality reports.

Corporate responsibility

Actions speak louder than words. See how we take action:

VaLa Ry: Giving tuesday

The Finnish Fundraising Association brought the international #GivingTuesday movement to Finland. Tekir worked as a strategic communications partner in building the campaign. .

Finn Spring: social media

Tekir helped Finn Spring to build its social media content strategy, and keeps up the collaboration by updating their social media channels.

Atria – All-round collaboration

Since 2013, Tekir has collaborated with Atria as a strategic partner, hands-on innovator and realizer, and media communications advisor as well.

The future of Loimu

Tekir facilitated a strategy project by the Union of Professionals in Natural, Environmental and Forestry Sciences.

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Get to know us



Tekir was founded in 2008. The company’s turnover in 2018 was 3,9 million euros. Tekir employs 30 communications, public affairs and business experts.


We believe that beneficial partnerships are based on open and honest dialogue. We do not tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear.

Together, Tekir’s experts form a passionate and professional team with diverse professional backgrounds and industry experience. We take on challenges with enthusiasm, curiosity and love for what we do.

In addition to our full-time staff, we have a network of advisors consisting of leading national experts in various policy areas, media, and industries.

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3,9 milj. €

Year of establishment


Get to know our people

Mikko Hämeenniemi


+358 44 292 1803

Harri Saukkomaa

Chairman of the board

+358 40 589 2228

Lily Bui

Communications Specialist

+358 40 910 7147

Sini Harkki

Principal Consultant

+358 50 5821 107

Henna Helne

Communications Consultant

+358 50 331 3456

Johanna Henttonen


+358 40 530 0778

Tuukka Hetemäki

Principal Consultant

+358 50 590 3675

Laura Julkunen

Finance and Administration Manager

+358 50 368 7478

Isa Kaipainen

Communications Consultant

+358 40 767 6087

Jenny Kestilä

Communications Consultant

+358 50 532 3458

Jenni Kilpi

Communications Trainee

+358 50 408 5223

Pekko Korvuo

Video Producer

+358 45 2309 243

Riikka Kouhi


+358 40 558 2385

Mari Kröger

Public Affairs Specialist

+358 50 576 2676

Kristiina Kurkilahti

Principal Consultant

+358 50 345 0696

Mira Kurko

Graphic Designer

+358 50 349 8617

Reetta Lahtinen

Communications Consultant

+358 40 054 8764

Ilari Leskelä

Communications Consultant

+358 50 462 6903

Elina Lähteenmäki

Graphic Designer

+358 50 346 9142

Saila Miettinen-Lähde


+358 40 548 3695

Anu Mikkola

Communications Consultant

+358 40 082 5604

Viivi Nieminen

Office Manager

+358 46 600 2548

Iiris Niinikoski

Public Affairs Consultant

+358 40 778 2640

Tiina-Marjo Nousiainen

Director, Financial Communications and Investor Relations

+358 40 764 7873

Mikko Ohela


+358 50 598 8862

Fredrik Palmén

Communications Trainee

+358 50 911 9712

Pia Pihlaja


+358 50 590 8717

Helmi Rantala

Communications Specialist

+358 40 054 2781

Eero Rämö


+358 40 539 2737

Enni Saikkonen

Communications Consultant

+358 40 552 0612

Suvi Salminen

Communications Specialist

+358 50 414 5990

Elina Salmu

Communications Consultant

+358 44 275 5827

Pekka Sauri


+358 50 043 3464

Kalle Seire

Director, Accounts and Customer Relations

+358 40 505 5619

Teppo Similä

Communications Consultant

+358 50 382 7938

Niko Vartiainen

Communications Consultant

+358 50 529 4299

Markus Vierumäki

Communications Specialist

+358 50 430 3916