Tekir acquired social media tool Underhood

Underhood measures organization’s success on social media.

Tekir Ltd has acquired social media tool Underhood from Hupparihörhö Ltd. Tekir can now offer its clients top quality data on social media. The data crushed by Underhood helps Tekir’s clients to better understand what their stakeholders like and dislike, what do stakeholders’ reactions tell about their attitudes and how can organizations better communicate through social media.

Underhood, developed by a Finnish team, is unique especially in its transparency: each user can see social media content by any organization or brand, as well as the analysis based on this content. The users can learn from the best and better reach out to their audiences on social media.

”We have followed Underhood for a long time and are extremely happy that it’s now part of Tekir”, Tekir’s Managing Director Mikko Hämeenniemi comments.

”Measuring influence and using data are growing trends in communications, and through this tool we can better help our clients utilize them. We have always built our services on understanding our customers’ operating environment, and through this acquisition we are developing our understanding even further”, Hämeenniemi says.

The acquisition has no effect on Underhood’s current operations, contracts or clients. Tekir has plans to develop the tool further, in close co-operation with the former owners.

”Underhood is already a functioning tool with a loyal user base. But our work only starts from here, our plan is to actively develop Underhood and integrate it into Tekir’s consulting services”, Hämeenniemi comments.

”Underhood will be in good hands at Tekir. Top quality data and tool is combined with the best consulting know-how in Finland, our customers have every reason to be satisfied”, Sami Kuusela, founder of Hupparihörhö and co-founder of Underhood comments. “Our focus is now on handing over Underhood to Tekir as well as on developing our new product and top priority Mimid.io, a robotic writing platform born during Underhood’s development process.”

You can test Underhood, a social media tool used by companies, organizations and parties, for free here: https://underhood.co/

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Managing Director
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