Just get help – A one-step guide to getting communications right in Finland

We can manage Finland from Stockholm, right? It’s pretty much like the rest of the Nordics, and they all speak English anyways. Well, yes, yes, and yes. And yet – not really.

At Tekir, our work has increasingly become a healthy mix of time zones, languages and cultures. As we navigate our international clients through the thousand lakes of oddities and opportunities in the Finnish media and political landscapes, we argue that a local strategic communications partner is an invaluable wilderness guide.
You know your business and your industry, and there is no reason you should become an expert in the quirks of Finland to be successful here. We are happy to be your boots on the ground whether you need a partner during a market entry, high-stakes transaction, reputation crisis, or in figuring out what makes Finns laugh on social media.
We promise to tell our clients what they need to hear, and believe that our philosophy of brutal honestly is never more important than when operating in a foreign environment. Here are a few arguments for why you might want to give us a call.

Finland is small

When it comes to public affairs and media dynamics, Finland works like a village, and there is much “you just have to know”. We explain politics and guide you through regulatory processes. We help you understand how decisions are made, who makes them, and how to talk about the things that matter to your organization.
In a small market news spread fast. If your organization gets caught in of a reputation crisis, it won’t be long until everybody knows. Crisis communications is in our DNA, and – with an exceptional number of boy and girl scouts in our ranks – we swear by being prepared. We help you identify potential reputational risks, explore scenarios, and take precautions. And if you still find yourself in the middle of a crisis, we help you ride the storm and repair the damages.

Finnish is hard

Language matters and working in a foreign one adds an extra layer to all communications. Rather than wasting your time combing through google-translated semi-gibberish, we help you follow and participate in relevant discussions. We monitor media and public debates, analyze important developments, and offer our recommendations.
While most Finns are fluent in English and get by in an additional language or two, Finnish holds its ground even in the corporate world. We make sure language doesn’t get between you and your audience, and that you get your messages just right.

Finns are introverts

Most Finns do not fit the painfully timid stereotype foreigners are often warned about, but whether communicating with a politician, a journalist or your own employees, most prefer to get to business rather than stumble through small talk. From focus groups to inbound marketing, we help you get to know your stakeholders and find efficient ways to engage them.

We understand the Finnish mindset but also have experience from different communications cultures across the world. We train executives and experts to work with media, deliver presentations, and understand their audience, and make sure nothing is lost in translation.

So, if työyhteisöviestintäsuunnitelma seems like a mouthful, just give us a call, we’re happy to help.
(For the curious minds, the monster word stands for an internal communications plan.)