Public Affairs

We provide you with political situation analyses, public affairs strategies, and support in stakeholder engagement. Counselling built around data and insight from various sectors enables you to enter the public discussion credibly.

Public affairs is risk management and determined work to achieve the desired goals.

Issues that affect companies and organisations are constantly present in political decision making and discussion. The results can only be affected by taking part in the conversation.

We help businesses and organisations influence their operational environment, to understand the related legislation, to communicate about challenges and possibilities to decision-makers, and to strengthen business and cooperation with stakeholders by social dialogue. ​

Our experts have years of experience in politics and its structures: the government and the parliament, the EU, municipal politics and political parties. We identify the key decision-makers and understand how decisions are made.

We will help you in, for example 


Public affairs strategiesaction plans and continuous support


Recognizing relevant stakeholder groups and developing stakeholder relations


Continuous support for public affairs


Large investments and market entry


Risk controlpreparing and crises


Background studies and materials for public affairs

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