Organisational communications

Our approach to organisational communications is systematic and insightful but also agile and solution-focused. The objectives are always built to support the values and business of the organisation.

We help you harness organisational communications
as a strategic asset.​

We help with focusing, prioritising and planning resources and actions to achieve the best possible outcomes. Ambitious goals and indicators to measure success will be set to bring management and organisational communication and employer branding to a new level. ​

Positive employee experience also creates positive impressions to outside actors: customers, potential employees and other important stakeholders. We believe that transparent internal interaction that supports business and is created together with the staff is the best possible way to build reputation.

We will help you in, for example


Analysis, policy
and annual calendar for organisational communications


Renewing company culture
and other change initiatives


Improving employer engagement
and employee branding


Developing management communications
and building trust

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