Corporate responsibility

We help you find your voice and opportunities in the field of responsibility. We offer strategic advice on sustainability strategies and pathways and thorough support across the spectrum of responsibility related communications and advocacy needs. ​

Communication of responsibility goals and work is a huge opportunity to those who have a role in providing solutions to our most wicked problems. There is demand for concrete solutions and inspiring visions. Investors, consumers and employees all want certainty that responsibility issues are well taken care of. Effective communications of this work can improve your company’s reputation, value and the well-being of your staff.​

We help to ensure that your situation analysis is updated, goals fit the needs of the environment you operate in, and that communications are strategically aligned and effective. ​

Tekir can help you deepen your understanding of the key sustainability issues and see what is essential for you. We offer strategic advice and help spot the opportunities. ​

We are ready to be your partner in all needs related to communication and the reporting of your corporate responsibility work. ​

We will help you in, for example


Situation analysis


Materiality analysis


Setting the goals,
strategic advice


and reporting

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