Annual reports

Annual reporting is much more than just numbers. It is an interesting publication that summarizes the company’s story and operations as well as its future priorities. Its visual appearance is enticing, and its graphic presentations help with becoming familiar with the goals and accomplishments of the company. The annual report is always a concise information package, but it needs to also strengthen the company’s visual manifestation..

The annual report has many tasks. The reports of listed companies include statutory sections, such as the financial statements and the report of the Board of Directors, but often also include free-form sections. In corporate responsibility reports, the content is very different, but even in them data accuracy is required to be high. A high-quality annual report is an excellent tool for building trust in a company.

Tekir is an experienced and competent reporting partner

The goal of the report’s publisher is that the reports serve a wide variety of readers from investors to financiers, from customers to partners, and employees to industry experts. The annual report is also a great tool for media representatives.

Meeting the needs of many target groups requires a perception of the big picture. Each report should be designed with the publisher’s existing needs in mind. No ready-made template should be used for the report.

The report must also not remain as a separate section from other communications, but its contents serve various channels, such as social media, websites, company presentations and internal communications.

Tekir is an experienced and competent reporting partner. Our services cover annual reports, corporate responsibility reports, integrated reports, personnel magazines and other stakeholder publications. We can implement projects on a turnkey basis or participate in only some of the action steps, depending on the customer’s wishes.

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